Diagnostic Assessments



Ability Smart offers diagnostic assessments for employees in the workplace who are suspected to have dyslexia, dyspraxia, AD(H)D, dyscalculia or other neurological differences. 

A psychologist or assessor will conduct an assessment using various assessment techniques to determine whether the employee has a specific learning difficulty, or neurological condition. The psychologist/assessor will then provide a written report that is recognised by work establishments and identify any recommendations to be put in place.

In order to provide a thorough diagnostic and advisory service, Ability Smart provides a comprehensive range of services.  These include:

  • Pre-assessment Questionnaire - to gain a detailed understanding of the employee's difficulties, their medical and educational history;
  • Cognitive Functioning Assessment - to gain an overview of the employee's abilities including short term visual memory, short term auditory memory, verbal comprehension, and perceptual organisation;
  • Reading, Writing and Spelling Analysis - to assess the employee's literacy attainment and identify any specific problem areas;
  • Assessment of Mathematical Skills - to identify specific areas of under-performance;
  • Visual Perception & Motor Co-ordination Assessment - to assess the extent to which the employee can integrate their visual and motor abilities.

For the employee in the workplace, the following additional services are offered:

  • Workplace Needs Assessment - to determine how the employee's difficulties affect them at work and to recommend strategies to address these issues;
  • Adult Learner's Profile - a service offered in conjunction with a Workplace Needs Assessment for employees who have previously undergone a diagnostic assessment. This will also support in identifying their preferred learning style.

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