About Us


Ability Smart is a British training, assessment & software company founded in 2011. The company was created in collaboration between experts in the fields of Psychology, Education, Science and Software Engineering.


Our services are aimed towards:

  • unlocking the potential of adults with dyslexia and other neurological differences in the workplace
  • raising awareness of neurological differences within the workplace, creating environments that are aligned with best practice
  • providing support to enhance the organisation's and employee's experience through expert advice and recommendations
  • providing innovative yet simple software solutions that solve complex, real-world problems and improve the working environment of employees and businesses

The ability smart family includes:

  • Idea-mapping applications
  • Project management tools
  • Ergonomic/microbreak solutions
  • Productivity software

Our Vision

To use the knowledge and skills gained over many years of working with adults with neurological differences to achieve performance transformation, ensuring best practice for individuals and organisations. 

Our Mission

At Ability Smart, we believe that dyslexia and other neurological differences should not be a barrier to success.  Our mission is to equip employers and employees with the tools they need to be empowered enough to achieve their true potential.

For more information on our products and to find out how ability smart can transform your business, contact us now!