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We offer a range of workplace solutions including training, workplace assessments, and assistive software.

Coping Strategy Training

Coping strategy training is a series of training sessions designed to help employees with hidden disabilities take control of their working lives and helps to maximise their skills and potential within the working enviroment.

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Specialising in Workplace Needs Assessments both privately and via the Access to Work Scheme. These cover a varied amount of difficulties (SPLD's, neurological, physical and sensory conditions).

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We are proud to be the sole UK resellers of ideamapper and Microbreak body and mind. Contact us for training, software support and trial licences. We also provide annual subscriptions to Business site licences.

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Disability awareness and disability impact training are specialist sessions designed to challenge negative perceptions at work. These can be undertaken on both an individual or company level to further support employees.

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Technical Training

Technical training is designed to provide training on both paid for and free assistive technology. This allows employees to develop a core understanding of the products and ensures they are making the most of the services available.

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Ideamapper PRO

We are proud to be the sole UK resellers of ideamapper PRO and Microbreak body and mind  Contact us for training, software support and trial licences. We also provide annual subscriptions to Business site licences.

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Please provide a purchase order form when submitting your order. This will allow a 30 day payment term. If you are unable to provide a purchase order form then don't worry, we will supply a Pro Forma Invoice.

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Microbreak Body & Mind

Wellbeing for the workplace

Find out why Microbreak Body and Mind is the chosen Health and Wellbeing app recommended by Access to Work.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Find answers to commonly asked questions here.

Simply visit the "Order" section of the website and complete the electronic form, ensuring that any equipment/technical training is selected from the drop-down menu. You will then receive an order confirmation within 2 working days with the next steps on how to proceed. 

On the "Order details" section, please click on the drop-down menu titled "description". A list of available training sessions can then be viewed and the relevant product/training can be selected. Please note that if your desired product/training is not listed then you can manually enter this in the description tab. For all technical training that relates to software or products, please select the "Half Day Technical Training" option.

All prices are listed on the access to work report that has been issued to you. Please check the reverse of the report you have received and ensure that you input the correct price  including VAT.

Coping Sessions are typically undertaken after DIT and help the client, through techniques and solutions, manage difficulties in the workplace. 

DIT (Disability Impact Training) is designed to challenge negative thoughts and perceptions in the workplace. Typically this is the first training undertaken and provides a platform to allow clients to adjust to the workplace.
Technical Training Sessions relate to training on a specific product and/or software. 

Dragon support is available directly through Nuance who can be contacted on 02030274217

Once your order has been placed, we will contact you directly to arrange your sessions.

If a purchase order was provided  and the order is over £700.00, you will receive a 30 day term to make payment. Within that time we can arrange the training and distribute the software. 

If there is no purchase order, or the order is less than £700.00, you will receive a pro-forma invoice whereby we will require payment  immediately prior to arranging the training or sending the software.