ideamapperPRO is a simple, highly effective planning and produc-tivity tool that makes it easy to capture creativity, organize thoughts and manage projects more effectively.



ideamapper for Productivity - with ideamapperPRO you can brainstorm creative ideas, organise and manage thoughts, prioritise tasks, simplify the management of large amounts of information and improve time

management. Not only that, once completed you can export your map into MS Word and PowerPoint with one click to create a polished document or presentation
idemapper map

Unique Split-Screen View

Inbuilt Tables

Multiple Layout Options

Business Templates & Video

Export to MS Word & PowerPoint


Manage your workload more effectively using ideamapperPRO


Ideamapper for Project Management

You can now manage projects simply, clearly and more efficiently with ideamapper PRO. Whether it's defining the scope and goals of your project, issuing and prioritising tasks or setting project timelines, ideamapper ensures that your project transitions seamlessly from initial idea to completion.

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Brainstorm Your Project Plan

Assign & Order Information

Create Work Breakdown Structure

Timeline View

Export into MS Project


ideamapperPRO Free Trials

The trial versions of our software have all features of the retail version but are limited to 30 days. To gain access to the trial version, when you start the program for the first time, choose "30 day trial" in the Licensing Wizard. If you have purchased a licence key you need to enter the key when prompted in the Licensing Wizard.