Benefits of Microbreak

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Productive Workforce

Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace is the key to improving company culture. A healthy, happy workforce is proven to be more productive, motivated and engaged, leading to organisational success.

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Save Money

Employee retention increases efficiency and productivity, while eliminating the expensive task of rehiring and training new staff due to constant employee turnover. Microbreak also helps to mitigate against the risk costly litigation claims.

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Reduce Absences

Taking a step back from stressful work environments with microbreaks and targeted exercises allows employees to replenish both physical and mental resources. This leads to less injury and absence, a more positive outlook and lower employee turnover.


Microbreak promotes positive, self-managed behaviour among employees, reducing the impact of  injury  and stress related absence through a series of tailored, desk-based microbreaks and exercises. This keeps your workforce healthy and more productive.

Features of Microbreak

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Personalised Activity Profiles

Specify areas of the
body that cause pain
whilst working.

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Video Guides

Animated window shows how
to carry out exercise and gives
benefits and mechanics of
each activity.

micro break

Schedule Microbreaks

Specify the frequency
of the activities to be
carried out.

micro break

Pain Avoidance

Specify areas of the body
to exclude in the activities.

micro break
Microbreak helps employers meet Health and Safety guidance and can form a key complonent of reasonable adjustment packages.
Microbreak empowers the user, providing instant access to a suite of stretches and exercises specific to their needs. The built in microbreak reminder alerts the user to a need for postural change with occasional stretches.
Microbreak software empowers staff to act reponsibly for their own posture and achieve pain relief at work. Microbreak reduces lost work time and productivity by promoting good practice.
Add Microbreak to your office ergonomics program and see a positive healthy change in your

Microbreak Free Trial

The trial versions of our software have all features of the retail version but are limited to 30 days. To gain access to the trial version, when you start the program for the first time, choose "30 day trial" in the Licensing Wizard. If you have purchased a licence key you need to enter the key when prompted in the Licensing Wizard.