Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19 your sessions will be delivered as normal, however we understand that some businesses are restricting outside access or sending employees home to work. We also understand that some workers are now self-isolating, or are within the at-risk category. We do not want this to have an impact on your much-needed sessions, we are therefore delivering sessions via webinar. Please call/email the office for more information on how webinars are delivered. 

Anxieties that you may be having in relation to work and the virus, will inevitably form part of your sessions and we are equipped to deal with these anxieties, if you should choose to raise them in your sessions.

Please be assured that if you wish for your session to continue in the normal fashion of a 1-1 face to face meeting then this will be accommodated as normal with the added safety precautions directed by the government enforcing social distancing between you and the assessor.


Our Statistics

95% of people report increased feelings of well-being and reduced absences using microbreak
54% of disabled people in work report their main disability as mental ill health or musculoskeletal
34% of long-term staff absences are from workplace stress
40% of long-term staff absences are pain related (including back pain)