The training we offer

We offer a range of workplace training.

Coping Strategy Training

Our Coping Strategies Training helps employees with a wide range of disabilities take control of their working lives. Identification and understanding leads to practical learning strategies that help overcome difficulties and minimise the impact of their disability whilst maximising their skill and potential.

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Technical Training

Technical training are specialist training sessions on assistive technology, software and hardware. By undertaking these sessions users develop confidence and skills and are enabled to make the most of their selected equipment.

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Disability Impact Training

Disability Impact Training is an intense one-to-one, solutions focused session, with the aim to help the client to understand their capacity at work, their internal strength and resilience, and the wider impact of working with a disability or health condition.

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Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Training is designed to educate colleagues and individuals on specific difficulties and the effects these have, with a view to creating a more supportive and understanding working environment.

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